Infuse New Knowledge By Hosting A Seminar

Sifu Eddie Chong is recognized and honored internationally for his mastery of Wing Chun and Bak Mei Kung Fu. His love for these arts led him to dedicate his life to teaching. Deeply integrated into his teaching techniques is honor, integrity and responsibility – values that he instills in his students.

Sifu Chong offers a unique opportunity for you to enhance your current programs. He makes available to you, his knowledge of both the philosophy and applications of Yip Man and Pan Nam styles of Wing Chun as well as Five Petal Blossom Chi Kung used to increase vitality, longevity and internal energy.

The seminars are flexible in format. Designed to compliment your courses and focus on the aspects that optimally meet your needs. Seminars are usually tailored by Sifu Chong according to the experience and previous training of the student(s). Additionally, Sifu Chong can create training agendas upon request for specific subject matter. In particular, Sifu Chong usually presents instruction concerning the following:


Forms will be taught step-by-step. Sifu Chong will demonstrate the practical applications of the forms to actual fighting techniques, providing complete explanation of them and the purpose of the forms in daily training.


Sifu Chong will demonstrate his unique training method that blends the forms into practical application through the Chi-Sau exercises.

Stance Training

Included in this training are the foot maneuvers that characterize the Wing Chun style of defense and offense.

Development Of Sensitivity And Arm Conditioning

The development of skills in the application of Wing Chun techniques occurs through the development of sensitivity. Sifu Chong will provide instruction of the concept of sensitivity and its development. Among the unique aspects of Fushan Wing Chun is the “Kiew Sao” or Iron Bridge.


How to develop and use power. How to use the power of the opponent.