At Chong's Wing Chun and Bak Mei Kung Fu Association, created by Sifu Eddie Chong, we train in the Chinese Martial Arts of Wing Chun and Bak Mei and promote the Healing Arts of Chi Kung.

Martial arts systems

Instruction in Chong’s Martial Arts includes three different Martial Systems and Healing Arts

Training in Chong’s Martial Arts involves the development of the mind and body. The immediate benefits include conditioning, improvement of coordination and self-confidence. Specific drills will improve aerobics, flexibility and agility. Training with Sifu Chong affords one the opportunity to obtain skills beyond hand-to-hand combat!

Try it Yourself

Sifu Eddie Chong’s Wing Chun lineage in the Yip Man system can be traced directly to Leung Sheung, Yip Man’s first and one of his most prized students.  

Right Arrow (Steinar Engeland)
Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash