Healing Arts

One of the areas of Martial Arts that is not openly taught are the healing aspects. Ancient monks, as well as the warriors, not only were taught the fighting side of their art, but also the health maintenance and self healing part as well. At Sacramento Wing Chun and Bak Mei Association, Sifu Chong understands and incorporates the practice of Chi Kung, Acupressure and Thai Massage into his teachings of Fushan Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is a century old art of internal strengthening and healing. The practice of holding certain postures, meditative breathing and mental focus allows for relaxation and stress release for better Chi flow throughout the body. Chi Kung or “working of your life force energy” helps the physical body by:

  • Strengthening and toning certain muscle groups
  • Posture
  • Keeping muscle and tendon fibers lucid
  • Activates and keeps vital organs functioning properly
  • Opens meridian channels

The practice and benefits of Chi Kung in Eastern cultures is ancient and varied, but the goal is still the same – achieve internal health and spiritual balance.

Sifu Chong practices what is called, “Kidney Breathing Returns to Source.” The exercises were handed down to Sifu Chong as a closed door student of Grand Master Pan Nam in Fushan. This form of Chi Kung is a hard style with focus on the strengthening of the kidneys. In Martial Arts and Healing, this organ is considered to be one of the most vital parts of the body. Grand Master Pan Nam credits his diligent practice of Chi Kung for his long life.

Thai Massage

Over the last decade, Sifu Chong has dedicated his studies in the area of Thai Massage. After exhausting research, Sifu Chong chose a therapy which complemented his Martial Arts style as well as his personal commitment to healing-acupressure massage. Sifu Chong has gone to Thailand to become certified in Thai Massage which covers:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Headache Relief
  • Post Partem Massage